Jamorama Guitar Review – The Jamorama Story

Who is Jamorama for:

Anyone wishing to learn how to play the guitar from the complete beginner to the more advanced wishing to refresh on knowledge and skills.

Jamorama Guitar ReviewWhat do you get in Jamorama Guitar Learning Kit?

Jamorama is packed full of quality step-by-step lessons, sound and video files, games, chords, progressions and guitar TAB to take you from where you are now to mastering the guitar.

Two downloadable e-books: one for beginners with 15 chapters, and the other for an advanced level student with 29 chapters. All in all 44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons.

With 250+ pages of step by step instructions, every lesson guides you, making learning guitar easy by building skill upon skill.

148 step-by-step video lessons: a comprehensive guide for learning each new chord and technique.

Jam tracks with audio files enable you to jam a few sessions with others in numerous styles and have fun.

Also contains a chord and riff kit to improve your knowledge of chords.

Some bad points I have found with Jamorama:

It is designed for the beginner and intermediate guitarists although it gives thorough training of knowledge and skills required to play guitar over time.
You will need a computer, internet connection and speakers to play the course for learning guitar online. It should not be a problem nowadays as most people have computers.
Please note that both Jamorama and all its super bonuses have been written and designed to be used on both PCs and Macs.

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The progress of the student is not a result of the Jamorama course or its ability to teach how to play the guitar. The progress is a direct result of only one thing, how much the student practices. I have read some reviews from students who have said that Jamorama didn’t do anything for them, but then only to find out that they didn’t put in the time to practice at all to get good.

Take it from me, to get good; you will have to practice. The guitar players who are professional and make it big, playing guitar is their life. They do not do anything else. The choice is yours as it was mine.

If one doesn’t practice and take the time to get good, it is not the fault of the program. It is like an athlete competing, no practice means no trophy.

Some good points I have found with Jamorama:

Being able to download the Jamorama course right onto your computer and learn in the quiet of your own home is an advantage. A lot of students don’t have the opportunity to travel to studios and teachers to take music lessons, and this way, the teachers all come to you, right online.

The course is designed to give the student the ability to learn guitar fast and without those complicate music lessons that are so boring for most beginners. From guitar chords to lead guitar riffs, it makes guitar learning fun.

Jamorama is a highly professional course in my opinion and for the money is well worth it.

Besides the music, Jamorama gives you all the necessary knowledge you need to set up and maintain your guitar and enough extra ‘know how’ to talk shop with the guys at your local music store and come off looking like you know your stuff.

Using Jamorama, you will be able to confidently:

Tune your guitar.
Clean your guitar.
Change strings.
Protect your guitar from moisture and heat.
Buy a new guitar to suit your style of playing.
Select new parts for your guitar to enhance the sound to suit your style of play.